Sabado, Abril 13, 2019

Vaughn Will Go Places

We were watching the general conference broadcast when Vaughn, my 5-year old friend, showed his artwork to me. He said it's me. I loved it so much I hugged him tightly to thank him for it.

 Then he told me to give him “20 money”. 

Biyernes, Abril 5, 2019


I look crazy, but boy... everything is coming together now. Things are becoming clearer and clearer and my liiiiiiife is thriving. I am so grateful to be happy and healthy (!!!). Most especially for my family and the people around me rooting for me as I chase my dreams. Life is so beautiful and I love it. My heart is full and I am so excited for the future!

We can do this! ❤️

Love ya all. Good night!

Sabado, Marso 30, 2019


I feel that things are working out for me now.
I am excited for the future.

Love you all and don’t forget to take your multivitamins and omega 3s — they are game changers. :)

Good night! ☺️

Sabado, Marso 23, 2019

Love love looooooove

This week has been a roller coaster ride. Monday, I went to dinner with the Finance Team. On our way to the restaurant, Yasmine and Ammel and I had a conversation about “passions”. Like, if we were not working as accountants/financial analysts in this corporate world, what would we want to do? Yasmine said she wants to be a fitness trainer. Ammel said he wants to start a business and go back to teaching. As for me, I jokingly but Heavenly-Father-Knows-I-Am-Serious said, “I want to become a homemaker, wife, and a mother”. The next day, I met with Rash and Tania after months of not seeing each other! Then on Wednesday, 10+ people in our office went to Cinema and watched Greta!! My goodness. I was screaming and crying many times while watching the movie. This is the very reason why I don’t like watching/reading fictions because I get toooooooo attached to the characters. And I have this tendency to become obsessed after watching/reading them. Like, I will talk about it all the time, and see the characters around me. For example, after watching Greta.. I went home and thought “omg my roommate looks like Greta”. And I am not even kidding!!!!

Thursday, we had “tax training”. Friday, I went to Church. Saturday, I washed clothes and had funnnnnn with my roommates. I love my roommates. Like, I am so happy I feel like things are working out for me now.

And oh, before I forget.... I also went to Oasis to drink a bottle of water and had a very deep conversation with Sister Anna and Cyril. I am so grateful for them and all the goodness they have in their souls.

It is 1am now.

I want to end this post with this video.

I’d like to think that this is me.

Love yah all.

Good night.

Sabado, Marso 9, 2019

On Growth

Change happens bit by bit, in the small choices we make each day. They may not mean that much all by themselves but still add up to something very meaningful.

It is okay if you don’t feel like posting about them.
It is okay if you still feel like celebrating them.

Good night.
Sweet dreams❤️